Taco Nieuwenhuizen

bassplayer & producer

Taco Nieuwenhuizen is a Bass Player, Producer Owner of Musicmatestudio.



Over Taco and his Band

  1. Taconieuwenhuizengroup is formed around the bass player "Taco Nieuwenhuizen" from The Hague, Holland. Looking for musicians to play his own material seemed to him like a good starting point to form a group. After some rehearsals in october 2010, they decided to make an album and it was finished in May 2011. In that year, they played at some festivals and the highlight was in De Boerderij in Zoetermeer, Holland where the band had a very successful show.

    The musicians of the group are all very dedicated to their instruments and they all have personal qualities, which enriches the music of the group at their performance.

    Their current CD contains 11 original songs, all written by Taco and they are composed around the bass guitar. Taco's influences are from 1970s, 80s and 90s jazz fusion which is still alive in the music of The Yellowjackets, Zawinul and basslegends like: Marcus Miller,Jimmy Haslip and Victor Bailey.

    It all began with basslegend Jaco Pastorius and the life-inspiring music of Weather Report. The song "Mr. Z" on the CD is dedicated to Joe Zawinul.

    The CD was recorded and mixed by Roland Dirkse. Taco also recorded and mixed 3 songs in his own studio "Musicmatestudio". All songs are Mastered by Dave Collins in Los Angeles. All Songs written by Taco Nieuwenhuizen. Photography, website and CD booklet design done by Robert Jung.

  2. Line-Up:
    Taco Nieuwenhuizen - 5 string fretted and fretless Bass/Vocals
    Taco Gorter - Drums
    Joao Driessen - Saxen/Ewi
    Daniel de Moraes - Guitars
    Bart Fermie - Percussion/Vocals
    Rein Godefroy - Grand Piano/Keys



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